Pressure Washer Gun Recommend

Pressure Washer Gun Recommend

The effectiveness of a power washer improves by utilizing a pressure washer gun that helps to control the flow of water to the nozzle. By pressing the trigger of the gun, it flows out the water and on releasing its trigger, the gun shuts the flow OFF.

There are a lot of pressure washer guns available in the market that differ in their brand or model specifications. Thus it leads to huge confusion while choosing the best suitable gun for your pressure washer.

Difference between a pressure washer lance, gun, trigger gun, and a wand

As confusing as it sounds, all these terms usually mean the same, with a little nuance. A pressure washer gun and a trigger gun are essentially the same. But on the other hand we have the terms wand and lance, which are used interchangeably. While these can also represent a standard pressure washer gun, the term lance is used for pressure washer guns with an integrated longer output nozzle.

A pressure washer gun and a trigger gun are the same. A lance (aka the wand) can represent a pressure washer gun with a longer nozzle.

PSI and GPM Ratings

Every trigger gun out there will have some sort of threshold when it comes to PSI (pressure per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute) rating. Some guns are designed to work with smaller pressure washers, and some are made to withstand huge settings, like 10+ GPM and 5000+ PSI.

Residential spray guns: these trigger guns are designed for light and medium-duty models, mostly for the electric pressure washers with lower PSI and GPM ratings. A residential spray gun will have a lower PSI requirement and a lower max PSI threshold. However, almost any residential pressure washer works with a residential trigger gun.

Commercial pressure washer guns: as the name suggests, these guns are designed to withstand higher pressure and more frequent use. The PSI and GPM threshold is much higher than with a residential trigger gun.

Water Temperature

It is no secret that hot water has its advantages in cleaning – just look at hot water pressure washers. If utilizing temperature is something you do often, you will be happy to hear that there are trigger gun models out there that support hot water flow. Usually, a gun that supports hot water pressure washing will have a thicker body or grips made of some heat-resistant material so you don’t burn your hands.

Every pressure washer gun should be able to support up to 140° F, but make sure to double-check before you make the final decision. On the other hand, we have pressure washer guns that can steadily take the heat of up to 300° F, or in some cases, even higher temperatures. These pressure washer guns might come with a higher price, but the payoff is worth it, especially for people who use hot water often or people who use it in a high temperature environment.

Pressure Washer Gun Kits

Pressure Washer Gun Types as you might have already known, pressure washer guns come compatible with all sorts of extensions, including the famous quick-connect nozzles. The additional gear is helpful with tackling different tasks, yes, but the problem comes once you start losing them. These nozzles are small and they get lost easily – easier that you think. Not only that, but some nozzles won’t be compatible with a new pressure washer gun.

If you lost your old quick-connect nozzles, or you are concerned that they won’t fit the new wand, you can opt for a pressure washer gun set, and use your pressure washer like it is brand new. These sets usually include:

The trigger gun capable of supporting the nozzles

A set of quick-connect nozzles – the most common set is color-coded with each color corresponding to a spray angle. The standard set includes a 0°,15°,25° or 40°, and a 65° nozzle. Everything more than this is a nice bonus.

A lance or a wand – if the trigger gun doesn’t come with an integrated want already, these sets give you the option to extend the pressure washer gun, thus giving you a better grip and a firmer feel while washing.

No matter if you are looking for a fresh new pressure washer gun or just a replacement, Our products will not disappoint you

YAMATIC 5000 PSI High-Pressure Washer Trigger Spray Gun

YAMATIC 5000 PSI High-Pressure Washer Trigger Spray GunThis YAMATIC is one of those pressure washers that can handle a lot in terms of pressure. The maximum PSI cap is clocked around 5,000 PSI, which is considered well above average for a pressure washer gun. The design is industrial and it doesn’t come with any additional bells and whistles. On top of that, the parts are made of premium brass and stainless steel as well, so you don’t need to worry about durability.

Next to the ability to endure higher pressures, this gun can also withstand working under heat – up to 210° F to be precise. And, if you stumble upon some trouble connecting the inlet to the hose, the manufacturer provided coupler adapters to cover the standard sizes.


  • A simple, yet durable pressure washer gun that utilizes brass and stainless steel
  • The trigger gun comes with a safety lock to prevent accidental water release
  • The maximum pressure this gun can handle is above average – clocked at 5,000 PSI


  • This is just a trigger gun with no additional quick-connect nozzles or extension wands


Pressure washer gun kit is there to provide you with all sorts of features. Firstly, the body is designed in two parts – the trigger gun and the extended wand. The base of the gun’s body is there to provide you with the basic needs and it works well with all sorts of foam cannons. Additionally, for safety reasons, the gun has a safety lock mechanism. This way you will never accidentally let the water burst out or drop the gun on the ground.

 And, if you are not satisfied with the short gun, this set provides you options to extend the gun twice, up to a total of 40.9 inches. By extending the wand you get more reach, making maneuvering around the premises easier. The first wand extension has a gripping layer so you can grasp the pressure washer gun with both hands. This set also comes with two couplers and five different quick-connect nozzle tips that adapt the washer and make it suitable for cleaning all sorts of surfaces.



Italian supper process and industry OEM experience with high precision return spring, to make sure you enjoy washing job with safety and reliably. With shockproof reinforced plastic ribbing throughout the entire body of the gun supporting the hose and protecting your hands.

Designed with easy pull red trigger lock which is more than 10,000 times durability test for your long time using

3700PSI / 8GPM /140℉ 21-inch High Pressure washer gun & 22-inch extension wand, total 43-inch length, comes with the most popular 3200 PSI YAMATIC power washer hose, Easy to reach places that hard to get. Meet your outdoor cleaning and light-business washing job requirements.

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