How To Use A Pressure Washer For Deep And Efficient Cleaning

How To Use A Pressure Washer For Deep And Efficient Cleaning

A Pressure washer, especially gas pressure washer, which is the basis for producing enough high-pressure water,But when you encounter some more stubborn, more time-consuming, difficult to clear stains, you need the help of some high pressure washer accessories to achieve your high-efficiency cleaning.

 A pressure washer turbo nozzle spins to gain kinetic energy and to make precision cleaning! To get the optimum output from your cleaner, you need to have the best pressure washer turbo nozzle.

A turbo nozzle will make your pressure washer 60% more powerful and faster in spraying. In recent days, the popularity of the turbo nozzle is increasing rapidly. It works equivalent to two regular nozzles at the same time. As a result, when you have to clean tough dirt and grime in the quickest possible time, you look for the turbo nozzle. Moreover, the jobs like cleaning the metal tank, caked-on mud, concrete, the gum on the driveways or sidewalks, boats, patios, etc. need the power of a rotary nozzle. If you want to clean those using regular nozzles, you will have to invest hours but we doubt whether you will be satised.

Read the reviews to pick the perfect nozzle for your needs:

Quick connect turbo nozzle delivers faster and deeper cleaning action providing a powerful oscillating jet of water for high-pressure washers. While standard spray nozzles do a great job of cleaning, with the Turbo Nozzle, you can cut cleaning time in half.

This turbo nozzle is an ideal water booster and works great with up to 3000 PSI pressure washer . 360°Rotating Turbo, this unit will produce 40% faster cleaning than a regular nozzle. The most noteworthy feature of this nozzle is its universality. So, it works with almost every brand of the pressure washer. All you need is to ensure that your power washer is not rated over 3200 PSI.

We recommend that if your pressure washer is 3200 PSI and below, go for this turbo nozzle. This unit will surpass your expectations.


This turbo spray tip from YAMATIC is so far the most powerful nozzle which is convenient and user-friendly. The rated pressure of the unit is 4000 PSI but can handle up to 4500 PSI. If your power washer belongs to the pressure range of 1000-5000 PSI, you will get the optimum output from this nozzle. The interior of the nozzle is made of a durable ceramic core. To oer you the utmost reliability, the vortex of this nozzle is made of aluminum alloy. Furthermore, the brass alloy and stainless steel portion of the nozzle provide extra life to the nozzle tip.

If you own a power washer that has rated pressure 1800-4000 PSI , we recommend you to go for this unit.


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