Why Gas Pressure Washers Beat Electric

Why Gas Pressure Washers Beat Electric

If you are considering buying a pressure washer and cannot decide between an electric or gas pressure washer, This will help you gain a more in-depth understanding of the differences between these types of pressure washers, allowing you to make the right decision when shopping around.

Pressure washers fall into two primary categories: electric and gas. Before deciding on the right one for your own home, you must weigh the pros and cons of each. While both have the same overall purpose – their function, looks, and prices are just some of the things that make them different.

Electric Pressure Washers

Best for small decks and patios, furniture, and other lighter-duty jobs that emphasize cleaning over stain removal. They're relatively light and quiet, require little upkeep, and create no exhaust emissions. They start and stop with a trigger and are small enough to be stored indoors without winterizing. But less pressure means slower cleaning. Wands and nozzles are less-sturdy plastic, not metal. And you need to be near an outlet.

Many people prefer them because they are very low maintenance machines. Once you buy them, you are finished paying for them. You do not have to purchase gas or oil. There are no major parts that may need to be replaced. cheap in quality. They are disposable. You do not buy an electric pressure washer and expect for it to last you for the next 10 years. A lot of people say that it is a tradeoff between the amount you would spend on gas and oil versus buying a new machine every few years.

Gas Powered Pressure Washers

One of the best things about a gas powered pressure washer is that you can go anywhere that you want to go with it. They are heavy, but they often have wheels to help you with portability. These pressure washers do require you to perform maintenance on it. However, if you keep up with the routine maintenance, they may last you for many years.

They’re generally used to clean larger areas such as walkways and parking lots, and are capable of removing even the most built up substances. The key reasons people prefer gas over electric ones are their build quality, often made of steel and aluminum frames, and for being completely portable, meaning you don’t need to plug them into an outlet while cleaning.

Power washers are more powerful than the electric ones. Some of the higher end pressure washers can have up to 4000 PSI and still be available for homeowners instead of commercial use. The downside is, in most cases you will pay more for a gas powered pressure washer.

In the end

There is no clear answer to which is better, because they both have their ideal uses. The choice should be made solely on what you need to use it for and how often you think you will be using it.

If you need one for lighter jobs then an electric power washer should be more than enough. However, if you need it for larger, more in-depth projects, you should go with a gas pressure washer built for that kind of task.

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