How To Choose a Correct High Pressure Washer Hose

How To Choose a Correct High Pressure Washer Hose

There are various types of hoses on the market,  they are different in every respect. A good pressure washer hose is just as important as having a good pressure washing machine. There is no one hose that is right for every pressure washer. To begin with, first you should have an understanding of what your pressure washer needs and what you want from a new hose. examine the specifications of the hose required, such as its material, what should be the ideal length to cover up your large area.

 Know what length of the hose you need:

If you have a small house or you’ll mostly use your pressure washer for washing your small vehicle, a 20 to 50 ft hose may work for you. The longer the hose, the greater the pressure drop. Generally, people employ a hose which is of length somewhere between 20 to 50 feet. These are excellent to work with as they do not put much pressure on the main device and delivers outstanding results.
If you can get away with a 50-footer, don’t buy the 100. More import than pressure drop, longer hoses are hard to handle. If you’ve ever tried to coil a 100-footer with a gun on the end, you know exactly what we’re talking about. We recommend a reel for anything longer than 50 feet, especially if you’re a daily user.
But if you need it to be longer, you can extend the one you have.

 Choose a correct diameter of the hose:

In terms of pressure washer diameter, you have the following options: 1/4 in;5/16 in;3/8 in.
The diameter of your hose is vital. Opt for a 1/4 in power washer hose when using an electric or gas-powered washer for residential purposes. It is ideal for machines that produce about 2,700 PSI. If you have a washer that can generate 3,400 PSI or more, go for the 5/16 in. On the other hand, hoses with a 3/8 in diameter are perfect for commercial purposes and those with 4000 PSI.

 What pressure of your pressure washer need:

  • If you wanna a TOP KINK RESISTANT Pressure Washer Hose, just buy it

  • If you wanna a TOP FLEXIBILITY Power Washer Hose, just buy it

  • If you wanna a TOP BURN PROOF Pressure Washer Hose, just buy it



Be sure the connections are right:

The hose of your pressure washer comes with two connections. One connection joins the water inlet and hose, while another part connects the hose to the nozzle or gun dispensing high-pressure water. you should also consider whether the connector attached to the spray gun is a male or female hose connectors for pressure washers. This will also matter.
The difference of interface model size: 
  • Double end M22 - 14mm female thread,for daily use gas pressure washers; 
  • Double Oring M22-14mm(15mm) female thread, for daily use electric pressure washers;
  • One end 3/8 inch quick connect plug and one end 3/8 inch socket, for Industrial-grade gas power washers.
  • EU standard snap on plug.(not been used so much but you should know what is it.)






Decide how you experience:


Most hoses for a pressure washer are made of one of three types of material. Deciding the type of material of your high-pressure hose will determine its durability, flexibility. PVC plastic hose. This is the most common. Although a plastic hose is hard, it’s not flexible enough. 



Rubber hose. It’s made of steel-braided tube, very durable, more flexible but heavier in comparison to a plastic hose. Likewise, it won’t curl or kink as much. Nevertheless, a rubber hose will leave black streaks or markings on the surfaces you’re working on when sliding it across the concrete.

Polyurethane hose. This is the latest type of power washer hose material. It is flexible inner tube, and clear plastic casing covering it. Professionals and homeowners alike love it since it offers the flexibility, light weight and minus the marring.
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